3rd Green Flag


The 3rd Green Flag award is for the conservation of water.

Our school was fortunate to be one of the 1st in the county to have been awarded 3 Green Flags. No small feat!

Much thought went into ways to save water. Some ideas to save water included making sure taps were tightly turned off. Also, many of the taps in the school are now push-operated.

Also, a new water tank was purchased to collect rainwater. This water can now be used to water the plants and flowers around the school.

While raising awareness of ways to conserve water in school and also particularly at home, the classes had to compose songs about saving water.

Flag Raising Event

  The two flags waiting for the third to join them...


Meath TD Thomas Byrne raised the flag for us.


     See what it meant to all the kids!


Our school proudly displaying our three green flags! 


It was a perfect day!